Grade 2 - Communion

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First Holy Communion is commonly received during 
a child's second year (Grade 2) of Religious Education.

Communion 2017 Assignments
If you need to change the date you are assigned please EMAIL the Religious Education Office and we will try to help accommodate you. 

Saturday, May 6th @ 10:30pm

Rehearsal: May 4th  @ 4:30pm

2-1  Mrs. Rainone

2-8  Mrs. Pelizzi


          Saturday, May 6th @ 12:30pm                    
        Rehearsal: May 4th  @ 5:30pm               

2-3   Mrs. Margan

2-4   Miss Margan

2-7   Mrs. Karasik

 Saturday, May 13th @ 10:30pm 
*Rehearsal: May 11th  @ 4:30 pm

2-5   Mrs. McFaul

2-6   Mrs. McLaughlin

  Saturday, May 13th @ 12:30pm        

             *Rehearsal: May 11 @ 5:30pm                           

2-2   Mrs. Testa

2-9    Miss Kiesel

2-10 Mrs. Johnson

* May 11th Communion rehearsal dates are subject to change pending the Confirmation date from the Bishop’s office.  We will notify you ASAP if there are any changes.